Health Secretary Matt Hancock responded to several queries about coronavirus on the latest edition of Question Time. The UK's first fatality linked to the virus, which was announced on Thursday

Mar 19, 2020 Who won BBC's Question Time leaders' election debate last Nov 23, 2019 Election debates: What time is BBC Question Time leaders Nov 21, 2019 Introducing the best Question Time audience - BBC Three You've bagged yourself a seat in the audience for Question Time. You cannot wait. You've got trillions of political queries and you want the answer to all of them nowOr, you're looking for an opportunity to show off your 'magic' trick. One or the other

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Question Time at 40 - History of the BBC Question Time, was the only BBC Television Current Affairs programme run by an all-woman team, by the time of its 100th programme on Thursday, 4 November 1982. Controversy BBC News - Question Time - This week's panel

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