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A proxy, or proxy server, "is an intermediary entity that acts as both a server and a client for the purpose of making requests on behalf of other clients. A proxy server primarily plays the role of routing, which means its job is to ensure that a request is sent to another entity "closer" to the targeted user.

The destination server (the server that ultimately satisfies the web request) receives requests from the anonymizing proxy server and thus does not receive information about the end user's address. The requests are not anonymous to the anonymizing proxy server, however, and so a degree of trust is present between the proxy server and the user. MS-DOS command for LAN proxy server IP Address Aug 05, 2009

Parts of it, in particular the requesting IP address, the "User-Agent" header and the "Referer" (sic) header, are typically retained in that web server's log. Advanced mode performs a more active analysis. In advanced mode, your browser is put through situations that do …

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