Jul 19, 2019 · The Australian Open upped its 2019 prize pool to A$60.5m (£34.38m) at the start of the year while Roland Garros handed out €42.7m (£36.9m) and Wimbledon increased its fund by 11.76% to an overall prize purse of £38 million.

Dec 26, 2019 · Apart from tournaments beginning right after New Year’s eve, the tennis show really starts in mid-January, along with the Australian Open. What’s new at AO 2020? The first major change this year is related to the money the winners will take home. Prizes increased by over 13% compared to 2019. Jan 25, 2019 · The Australian Open is handing out a total of $62.5 million AUD ($44.3 million), a 14 percent increase from 2018 and a record high for the tournament. Prize Money All prize money will be paid onsite in Australian Dollars at the prize money office located in the Player Facilities area The prize money amount will not vary if the Australian Dollar appreciates or depreciates against other currencies All players are required to obtain an ABN. IMO wheelchair tennis is a very different sport from tennis with a very different fanbase. I could name 50+ active players from the men and women's side, whereas I know of maybe 2 wheelchair tennis players. When women's tennis got equal prize money, it had nearly as much or more notoriety than men's tennis.

Dec 29, 2019 · The Other Grand Slam tennis are French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. The First Grand Slam of the year in Melbourne will see players seek another unequaled high prize cash pool as the Australian Open 2020 has quite recently declared a record of $71 million in prize cash.

The men's and women's winners of the 2020 Australian Open tennis tournament in doubles play will each earn $522,169 per team or $261,085 per player in prize money. Runners-up - $261,085 (vs $270,602 last year) Works out to $130,543 per player Semifinalists - $137,413 (vs $137,105 last year)

The total purse at the Australian Open will be a record $49.2m (A$71m), an increase of 13.6% from last year's tournament. The singles champion will take home $2,853,100 (A$4,120,000), while the runner-up will receive $1,430,012 (A$2,065,000).

Jan 31, 2020 · The Australian Open is coming to a close, with the men’s semifinals fast approaching, and the women’s finals set to take place Saturday 1 Feb – but how much money will the champions take home? The prize pool for the Open hit a record $71 million this year – a 13.6 per cent increase on the record 2019 purse, and a whopping 255 per cent In 2019, Tennis Australia raised the total prize money of the Australian Open by over 5% as it crossed 60 million AUD (Australian Dollars) for the first time in the grand slam's history, with both