Feb 08, 2014 · How to Block a Number / Contact on Viber Android The new version of Viber on Android lets you block a number or a contact, so you won't receive any message or call from them (and you even don't notice).

Feb 08, 2014 · How to Block a Number / Contact on Viber Android The new version of Viber on Android lets you block a number or a contact, so you won't receive any message or call from them (and you even don't notice). This concludes our tutorial on how to block and unblock a contact when using the 'Viber' application on a Microsoft Lumia 535 If you have any questions or comments about this video or about the application itself, then please leave them in the comment section below, and we shall answer them for you. 1. Block a contact on Android Viber. The first means is to block the contacts on Viber. If you choose this means, you need to find out the contact that you want to block in the contacts list and then block him/her. The whole process is very easy to follow: Step 1. Open Viber application on your Android phone. Here you need to ensure that the After you have tried everything to unblock your Viber account and failed, what's left is to contact them directly. We will show you how to contact them and how to send an unblock request. Viber can block you for all sorts of reasons, most of them being that actions you did on the app were identified as spam, or you're simply carrying out If you want to simply block an unknown number without resorting to blocking mode, we have a method you can use. How To Block Number Viber: First, you need to open Contacts or Call Logs in Viber. Tap and keep pressing down on the number you want blocked. You should see the option to Delete or block this number appear. Select this option. Viber is closely linked to the mobile number, so by default when you run the program, you will see in messenger all the contacts, that have been added to the contact list of your smartphone. The contacts which are available in Viber and whom you may talk to will be highlighted with the special icon on the right of the contact name. Video: Remove a Contact from Block List on Viber with LG L70 If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below. Comments

Aug 25, 2015 · A Viber spokesperson offered a description of how the new spam-handling feature works. Viber’s improved spam handling allows you to “choose whether you want to view messages from unknown contacts,” Viber told me via email. “This means you can actually block and report spam messages without opening them.”

Nov 26, 2018 · Viber Out Issues. Visit support page of Viber. Select Viber Out Issues in Inquiry category. Enter correct information to requires sections. Mention about the issue which is not related with Viber. Request Features from Viber. Viber is also ready to listen your feature requests and you can do it through contact page of the application. how do i block someone on viber using a destop view which is a macbook pro you'll have to check with the apple forums for this: Ask a Question - iPhone, iPad, iPod Forums at iMore.com This is the windows forums

With viber's latest version, the person you've block will not see your online status. But if you want to know if you've been blocked by someone because you cannot see their last online status and they have thier last seen status to off. Block a contact on Viber. As mentioned before, you can always block someone on Viber if they are disturbing you. You can take the steps below to block a contact on Viber application. Run Viber application on your mobile phone. Open your contacts list and find the contact that you would want to block; Tap on the three dots icon on the top right To add a number (or contact) to blacklist on Viber for Android, do as follows: To block a contact on Viber Android: 1. Open Viber application (make sure you have the updated version) 2. In your contact list, open the contact you want to Block. 3. Tap the 3dot icon on the top right and tap the Block option. To block a number on Viber Android: 1. How to block and unblock a contact - You can stop receiving messages, calls, and status updates from certain contacts by blocking them. Block a contact Open WhatsApp Viber is the world popular messenger with rich functionality and a pleasant interface. The app is free to download and use, making it incredibly popular among millions of people worldwide. Since the tool is allowed using internationally, you can communicate with your friends and loved ones while traveling or staying abroad. To block him/her in Viber, go to the “Calls” tab. If you interacted with this person via audio or video communication, click on his/her name in the “Recent Calls” box. If not, scroll down the page to the “Contacts” box and tap by the user’s name.